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Chasseriau, Theodore (1819-1856) - 1850-52 Orientalist Interior (Private Collection)

Théodore Chassériau was a French romantic painter noted for his portraits, historical and religious paintings, allegorical murals, and Orientalist images inspired by his travels to Algeria. A precociously gifted draughtsman, he entered Ingres's studio at the age of 11 and remained there until Ingres left in 1834. He made his Salon début in 1836 with several portraits and religious subjects, including Cain Accursed, for which he received a third-class medal. Among his many submissions in subsequent years were Susanna Bathin, a Marine Venus and the Toilet of Esther. These three paintings of nude female figures combine an idealization derived from Ingres with a sensuality characteristic of Chassériau. In the 1840s he conceived an admiration for Delacroix and attempted, with considerable success, to combine Ingres's classical linear grace with Delacroix's Romantic color. Chassériau was also an outstanding portraitist and painted nudes and North African scenes (he made a visit there in 1846. After a period of ill health, exacerbated by his exhausting work on commissions for murals to decorate the Churches of Saint-Roch and Saint-Philippe-du-Roule, Chassériau died at the age of 37 in Paris


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Soft Shoulders & Hard Riders

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HAPPY CHRISTMAS LADIES..., originally uploaded by rj.tempest.

Invulnerable my ass..Mabel get the blowtorch.

Open Road for Boys - December 1936


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Wanda, you seen the spare bulb anywhere...?

...we had them and when the worked they were wonderfully bubbley


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Good Photography

Good Photography, originally uploaded by bcostin.

Happy 4th of July! (1600x1200)

Happy 4th of July! (1600x1200), originally uploaded by bcostin.

Happy Valentine's Day, from February 1952

Decals For a Colorful Home

Decals For a Colorful Home, originally uploaded by bcostin.

Merry Christmas from December 1948


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the warmth of sound that came from these old vinyl and it's predecessor, shellac

I thought it was the season for peace, not violins!


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I know it is Ginger Rogers but what movie?

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...descafeinado, por favor.

...descafeinado, por favor., originally uploaded by Leina Brwn.

En la sala de espera de los juzgados, aparecen tangibles seres que alguna vez alguien soñó. Tipos duros de mirada impenetrable y marcas de mil diablos a quienes tuvieron que engañar para poder seguir adelante... hasta hoy quizás.

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Diana Dors As Long As They're Happy


hendrix, originally uploaded by Patric1_m.

Jimi Hendrix smoking photo. Part of an Hendrix photo exhibit at Celebrity Vault in 2008.

As Long As They're Happy

As Long As They're Happy, originally uploaded by Greenman 2008.

American poster using publicity shot of Dors from "Value for Money"

Diana Dors As Long As They're Happy

What film is this?

vlcsnap-1388553, originally uploaded by rattlingdjs.

I believe that Glenn Ford is in, I have this picture as a still in my odd stills collection.

Carole Lombard

Carole Lombard, originally uploaded by rattlingdjs.

Vintage Automobile Magazine

Vintage Automobile Magazine, originally uploaded by Lee Sutton.

1962 Car and Driver Magazine, featuring Alfa Romeo 8C 2900

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All This Asian Fashion Files

Vintage Advertisement, originally uploaded by Lee Sutton.

Shanghai Cigarette Ad, 1937

Vintage Brochure

Vintage Brochure, originally uploaded by Lee Sutton.

1925 Paris Arts Decoratifs

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

On your knees, Santa

On your knees, Santa, originally uploaded by Jean-Luc Diabolique.

...and bark like a reindeer now santa!!!