Sunday, 1 May 2011

Willie Nelson and Shelby Lynne, Angel flying too close

Oh how much I love this song, how I've wished that Shelby Lynne would get more recognition, I think Willie Nelson is a National Treasure....and folks forget what a flat out good picker he here in this one song are all my reasons why I love this form of music and why live music is just the greatest!

RUGGED MEN, Nov. 1957. Cover by Clarence Doore -

oooooh...Skipper where...

Billy Bragg: Ontario, Quebec & Me

I am always rather put off Billy's stuff especially when he manges to mangle his own tunes....but then every once in awhile I find a little gem

Jacques Brel - Quand on a que l'amour

I defy you not to get goosebumps over this one..if you don't you're from Remulac!