Saturday, 19 March 2011


jUSt got off the with my sis back in Canada and she was remembering when I would sing and play this tune while stomping around in the wild woods of the Ganaraska Forest...not much on lyric but kinda neeeeet to be an old chanting hippie again..Holy Visions of Carlos_Castaneda, Batdorf!

Mills Brothers - Glow Worm (live, 1957)

Now, the Mills Bros were definitely not cool when I was a kid....heck my Dad liked them. But I was housebound and bedridden (as bedridden as an active 11 year old could be) and I played 78's my Dad had of them and the Ink Spots.....I was hooked....and this number really moves!

Julie Driscoll - Season Of The Witch (1968)

I have posted/blogged this one before (at the Flimwell Papers) in my best cover songs note!
But was out and about in the lovely spring day in the Kent countryside and heard it again as I hiked down a trail in gotta send it along....Brian Auger is a keyboard fave too!