Sunday, 10 April 2011


copy, originally uploaded by komehachi888.

The Power of Words

thanks to a dear pal, Mark Davidson, I am sending this out to all of you! After all these years I'm still learning and learning how much words and language mean in all things! Please watch...and think!

Record Album Cover

Record Album Cover, originally uploaded by Lee Sutton.

Dizzy Gillespie & Louis Armstrong - Umbrella Man

Satch and Diz....just a great bit of Jazz History.....was trying to figure what year, what show...but hell who cares just enjoy too of America's finest

Linda Ronstadt - Long Long Time -

Heck this song nearly killed me after my first divorce...but still love it! An amigo put it on this mixtape titled "Do Not Leave This tape along with bottle of scotch, any sidearms, alone with Mr. PM" on a lovely sunny spring almost summer kinda day it's ok to look back and smile...

OTIS REDDING - These arms of mine

Just one of best love'in songs ever.....Otis so great..too young to gone!