Monday, 14 June 2010

Teares of the Indians, or inquisition for Bloud

Teares of the Indians, or inquisition for Bloud

Four panels featuring Spaniards torturing and executing Amerindians; top left, a naked male roasted over a fire, sustained by a man with bellows, while the hands are being cut off naked women; top right, naked figures hanging from a scaffold over a fire into which a baby is being thrown; bottom left, naked figures being beaten while carrying an anchor and a cannon, while Spaniards are butchering corpses; bottom right, a semi-naked female figure wearing a crown and hanging from a tree, with a burning building in the background.

Frontispiece to Bartolome de las Casas, 'The Tears of the Indians: Being a True Account of the Cruel Massacres and Slaughters... Committed by the Spaniards...', translated by J.P. (London, J.C. for Nath. Brook, 1656).

Etching made by Richard Gaywood, London, England, 1656.


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Painted by Light - Mamiya Super 23