Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Louis Francois Roubiliac by Andrea Soldi

Dulwich snow

During our recent snowy days in UK

Vincenzo Galdi

Vincenzo Galdi, originally uploaded by VersEAU lunAIR.


Yasuzô Nojima

Yasuzô Nojima , originally uploaded by VersEAU lunAIR.


Holbein, Hans the Elder (1465c.-1524) - 1514-15 Portrait of the Artist's Sons (Hermitage, St. Petersburg)

Hans Holbein the Elder was a German painter. He and his brother Sigismund Holbein painted religious works in the late Gothic style. Hans the Elder was a pioneer and leader in the transformation of German art from the Gothic to the Renaissance style.

He was also a woodcut artist and an illustrator of books, and was a church window designer. His sons Hans Holbein the Younger and Ambrosius Holbein had their first painting lessons from him.

The Way To Strength and Beauty

German cinema, 1920s.

From the New York Public Library

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Nude study done between 1900-20 by Gari Melchers, 1860-1932, artist.