Sunday, 14 August 2011

The Sadies - Cut Corners (Official Video)

Back to more current times....The Sadies are on the short list for the Polaris Award.
Great band and much too underrated.


Back to my first love R'n'B/Soul I have in my collection! Danced to it

David Wiffen White Lines (1973 Coast to coast Fever)

Hope you all forgive me this indulgence just one more great tunes by David Wiffen. It harkens back to time, for me, when I was making coast to coast runs with the thumb and then my Norton C!

David Wiffen White Lines (1973 Coast to coast Fever)

This the David Wiffen that I knew in early 70's and thought there would be a great musical future for him. He's just such a great voice and a great interpreter of songs.
Alas, such was not the case, he had a few more releases, retired from the biz for a long time tried again in the late 80's and then gave it up for good. Richard Flohil and I were reminiscing about him just a few months ago in our great Paris meet up. We both sighed over it.

David Wiffen performs More Often Than Not - CJOH

David Wiffen just one of the great Folk voices in Canada who doesn't tour
or do appearences any more! But, again, I was lucky enough to see him live several times in Ottawa.
Kind of Jerry Jeff Walker voice but with more colour.

LAURA NYRO spanish harlem (LIVE!)

The sound quality here isn't the best but oh how I do love Laura Nyro's version
and feel lucky to have seen her do it live -- Sharin' Sunday with y'all !

Mamas And Papas - Spanish Harlem (Original Stereo)

I was in love with Moma Cass's voice and she was such a wild chile kinda gal!