Sunday, 26 June 2011


Wow...this looks interesting viewing! It took me awhile to realize that was Luke Skywalker....might be the making of a late career comeback for him~!

The Big Country - composer Jerome Moross

Just one of THE greatest cinematic openings and soundtrack openings of all times! I put it up there against the Star Wars tunes....and I'm a fan of those too! I remember seeing this on a huge screen in the lovely little Art Deco theatre The Capitol. It was moving for a young fella of 10 and sometimes makes me, now, feel like an ol'Geezer but I love this style...the grand opening the larger than life way that American cinema was in 50's! So it today a movie opening that gets me all

At the Museum in Atami

Tea BowlThe Young PrinceGolden Tea RoomA Wider View

Hotel & Casino Belvedere, Davos (80mm x 56mm)

for my darlin Nicci -- she's half Swiss!

Oil Is So Yesterday

Oil Is So Yesterday, originally uploaded by wackystuff.

great find by wackystuff!