Monday, 25 April 2011


AD_Kuppenheimer_JCL_2, originally uploaded by PopKulture.

a suit so sharp you could cut bread with it

Peter O´Toole

Peter O´Toole, originally uploaded by Truus, Bob & Jan too!.

...bonne nuit to all!

Conway Twitty - Rainy Night In Georgia ft. Sam Moore

Two greats doing a fine job on this classic tune. Always showing that country and soul are closely related.

Yes, that feeling can be both things at once...that is not a bad thing that it's raining all over the world, that hush of small rain on late summer's eve, washing, restoring and dampening down the dusty parts of life...and again rainy night can be such a sad thing...

Caballero Solo, Pablo Neruda | likeadesertprophet

Caballero Solo, Pablo Neruda | likeadesertprophet

Love this poet and love this blog spot¬

dolly parton doing the beatles help

I am an unabashed Dolly fan...! She's real people and I've had the pleasure both see her perform many times and chat with her briefly on a flight out of London.

Van Morrison - And It Stoned Me

Was just a ruminatin' and reminiscin' on the wonderful tales of Van told to us by dear Richard Flohil and listening to Van sing. The story of Chris Barber playing with him was very ironic indeed considering we got back to London to find a BBC radio special on Mr. Chris Barber.

vintage glidergram record player clock by vyconic |

vintage glidergram record player clock by vyconic |

Asking the Santa Bunny for one of these for my birthday......grins